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Adam Ardisasmita, CEO of Arsanesia, game development company and CEO of Reality Chain, Multi-chain Metaverse as a Service.

Adam Ardisasmita is the CEO and co-founder of Arsanesia, a mobile-game company founded in 2011 whose mission is to bring Indonesia’s rich culture to the world. With Arsanesia, Adam involves in various game development projects as a product manager, producer, game designer, UX designer, as well as programmer. Since 2015, Arsanesia has a new business unit called Arsa Kids which focus in educational game for children. And in 2021, Arsanesia create the Reality Chain, a blockchain-based metaverse a service/

Adam is deeply passionate to build the ecosystem in the game industry in Indonesia through the community. Therefore he now sitting as the vice president of the Indonesia Game Association (AGI) and actively engages in the biggest game community, GameDevID, as the administrator. On top of that, he also heavily involve and contribute to other communities such as GameDev Bandung, DepokMobi, and IF ITB Startup Community.

Graduated cum laude from Information System and Technology ITB, Adam take time to teach programming at Dicoding Academy during his spare time. He believes that programming ability is a much-needed skill for everyone and better to be taught since early. Adam is an Intel Innovator, tech ambassador for Intel Technology. He also became a mentor for Google Launchpad Week Jakarta in 2015.

As a writer that focuses on technology and game, Adam has been a contributor for DailySocial (no.1 media about startup and technology in Indonesia), Dicoding (developer hub in Indonesia), and also share his thoughts and experience about the game ecosystem, startup, and technology updates on his personal blog, Adam also dedicated his time to make a podcast and video about the Indonesian Game Industry on his Youtube Channel and Podcast.

His Works


  • 2011 – current: CEO Arsanesia and Arsa Kids
  • 2016 – current: Intel Software Innovator
  • 2019 – current : Vice President of Indonesia Game Association
  • 2021 – current: Huawei Developer Group Organizer Indonesia


  • 2021: Summer Town || Producer for a mobile simulation, dress up, makeup, and decorate your virtual pet and be the biggest social media influencer in Summer Town
  • 2020: Si Juki Warteg Gaya Baru || Producer for a program from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to help educate COVID-19 for the society in Indonesia
  • 2019: Si Juki Warteg Mania || Producer for a casual simulation game with the biggest comic IP in Indonesia, Si Juki
  • 2019: <NDA>  || Project Manager to develop Gamification app, 6 Hyper Casual Game, and 6 AR Games for a Telco Company in Indonesia
  • 2016: Pippo Peri Cinta || Product Manager for an endless running game for valentine’s day
  • 2015: Roly Poly Penguin || Product Manager and Game Designer for a 3-match-puzzle game introducing Arsanesia’s own IP, Pippo the Roly Poly Penguin
  • 2015: <NDA> || Project manager to develop a dress up game for a boyband in Indonesia
  • 2014: Temple Rush Prambanan || Product Manager and Game Designer for a 3-match puzzle game about Indonesian folklore, the story of Prambanan Temple in Java Island
  • 2013: Gaplay || Product Manager for a multiplayer game about “gaplek”, a traditional card game from Indonesia, transform into a digital game
  • 2013: <NDA> || Project manager to make 4 casual games from an existing IP
  • 2012: Little Lea || Product Manager for an endless bullet hell game about Leak, a mystical creature from Bali, Indonesia
  • 2009: Gamelan Player || Developer for a music game from Bandung traditional instrument

Education Games

  • 2021: Dunia Tini Wini Biti || Product manager in a e-comic and education games for Tini Wini Biti (kids beverage)
  • 2019: IMPETUS || Product Manager for a game to improve mental health literacy among teenager for research by Ministry of Health, University of Liverpool, and University of Manchester
  • 2019: Pippo Hidup Sehat || Product Manager and game designer for a game to educate children 4-8 years old about healthy lifestyle to fight COVID 19. This project is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy
  • 2018: Pippo Brain Training || Product Manager for a game to assess and stimulate cognitive skill for children 4-8 years old
  • 2016: Learn With Pippo || Product Manager and game designer for a game to teach children 4-8 years old general knowledge (alphabet, shape, animal, etc)
  • 2015: <NDA> Financial Literation Project || Project Manager to develop a game about financial literation for children for a Bank in Indonesia


  • 2021: Podcast PRESS START, game development and how to become one || Host and program planner. This program is supported by Asosiasi Game Indonesia and Goethe Institut Jakarta
  • 2021: Learn How to Make Augmented Reality Using Lens Studio || Academy Trainer. This program is supported by Snapchat, Indosat Ooredoo, and Dicoding
  • 2021: Standard Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia (SKKNI) Video Game || Lead the program to create a nationwide standard for game development role in Indonesia
  • 2021: GameTalentID|| Initiator for a joint alliance between industry association and academic institution in Indonesia to nurture talent for a game developer in Indonesia
  • 2020: Retas Budaya || Director for a cultural game jam using the GLAM digital archive in Indonesia
  • 2018-present: Game Prime || Director for the yearly exhibition for Indonesian Game Developer to show their products. This program is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.
  • 2019: Indonesia Game Developer eXchange || Head of Committee of a conference, workshop, and networking event for game developers and industry players in Indonesia
  • 2019: Skill Tree || Initiator for weekly webinars to talk about technology and business area of game development


  • Intel Top Innovator  2016-2018
  • Bekraf Developer Conference Top Contributor 2017
  • Bekraf Game Prime 2016 Game Industry Person of The Year Nominee
  • Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest 2016 1st Winner 
  • Samsung Tizen Indonesia Next App 2016 Finalist
  • Microsoft APAC Influencer Hero 2016 1st Winner
  • Intel Top Developer 2015
  • Cumlaude from Bandung Institut of Technology 
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