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Salam Kenal

Intel Innovator

Adam Ardisasmita is CEO and co-founder of Arsanesia, a mobile-game company founded in 2011. With Arsanesia, Adam involves in various game development project as a game designer, UX designer, as well as programmer. Since 2015, Arsanesia has a new business unit called Arsa Kids which focus in educational game for children.

Graduated cum laude from Information System and Technology ITB, Adam take time to  teach programming at Dicoding Academy during his spare time. He believes that programming ability is a much-needed skill for everyone and better to be taught since early. Adam is an Intel Innovator, tech ambassador for Intel Technology. He also became a mentor for Google Launchpad Week Jakarta.

As a writer that focus on technology and game, Adam has been a contributor for DailySocial (no.1 media about startup and technology in Indonesia), Dicoding (developer hub in Indonesia), and also share his thoughts and experience about startup and technology updates on his personal blog,

Adam is deeply passionate to develop IT and game industry in Indonesia through community. Therefore he actively engage in the biggest game community, GameDevID, as the administrator. On top of that, he also heavily involve and contribute in other community such as GameDev Bandung, DepokMobi, and IF ITB Startup Community.

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